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Welcome to the Koenigsegg car factory…

Welcome to Koenigsegg. Our factory is situated in Valhall Park on the Ängelholm airfield, Sweden.

The building above houses the Koenigsegg headquarters comprising the sales, art, purchasing, finance and marketing departments. It is equipped with conference rooms and other client-based facilities, with easy access to the Ängelholm airfield as well as a dedicated helipad for those who prefer to travel by helicopter.

Our facilities are located right by the Ängelholm airfield. The main airport can be seen at the lower right side of the aerial photo, above. The rectangular outline shows Koenigsegg’s testing grounds and the circle to the lower left marks the Koenigsegg car factory.

The true heart of Koenigsegg’s operation is the production facility, seen below in green.

It was once the home of a fighter jet squadron from the Swedish Royal Air Force. Today, the squadron’s ‘Ghost’ motif is reproduced in the engine bay of each car made at the factory.

The desks in the photo above belong to our engineers, who have their workspace right next to the production line. This close proximity allows for a level of communication and flexibility that is particularly useful when developing such an advanced piece of machinery as a Koenigsegg car. New or adjusted part prototypes can be produced using advanced 3D printers and tested right where the cars are constructed.

The Koenigsegg factory includes a fully equipped Composite Department, where our specialist staff develop all of the carbon fiber tooling, lay up manuals and the actual parts and panels used on our vehicles.

We have a large freezer in the composite department that is used for storing sensitive prepreg carbon material and several large cutting tables to cut and prepare the carbon material for lay up to the tools. The composite workshop also has a small autoclave, and a large oven for vacuum bag curing of larger carbon pieces.

At Koenigsegg, we are very self-sufficient when it comes to developing and producing carbon fibre parts. All parts are designed and developed in-house. A  few of our internally developed parts are then outsourced to entrusted industry leading suppliers, who share our belief that only the absolute best quality finish will do, in order to meet production demand.

Our highly trained professionals can develop new parts and modify existing parts on site. These can then be test fitted to upcoming models from Koenigsegg. Ours is a never ending pursuit of perfection.

Station 1 is where the chassis is built. It’s an impressive sight to see these vehicles begin their journey towards automotive perfection.

A chassis then travels through stations 2 to 6, as follows:

2 – Body fixture, where the body is test-fitted and adjusted to the carbon monocoque prior to paint

3 – Body preparation, paint and lacquering of all carbon parts for the car

4 – Engine assembly and installation. Front module assembly and installation

5 – Electronics and wiring installation. System and engine startup

6 – Body and interior fitment

Specially trained professionals work on the cars at each station before they get to station 7 – Final Assembly, which includes wheel alignment, test drive, final adjustments and Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI).

Before being attached to the chassis, vehicle parts are painted in the paint shop, above. Six layers of paint ensure a depth of finish unheard of in the car industry. Our clients’ wishes are the guiding force in this process, which begins much earlier in the sales and art departments.

All Koenigsegg engines are thoroughly tested in our workshop prior to fitment into the monocoque. The Koenigsegg engine dynomometer can handle up to 1500 horsepower and this testing procedure is vital to ensure that the extreme power of the Agera and Agera R will be delivered flawlessly on the road.

The car is nearly complete when it reaches station 7 – Final Assembly and pre-delivery inspection.

Vehicle systems are fine tuned to perfection. The car is test driven and final adjustments are made. Every little detail is scrutinized. Nothing is left to chance.

A supreme Hypercar is the final result.

Some of our clients leave their car in our possession for winter storage. It is a service we’re proud to offer and one that many of our clients appreciate.

Winter storage provides a great opportunity to service and upgrade a Koenigsegg. Our highly qualified service personnel ensure that your car receives the best possible care. We can also service your car at your preferred location, or at designated service locations around the world.

Our service team tend to register the most frequent-flyer miles per year at Koenigsegg, travelling to various parts of the world such as China, Germany, England, Dubai, the United States and Australia.

Whether you are a Koenigsegg car owner or a serious owner-to-be, we would be proud to show you around our factory, a place where true automotive magic happens. We hope to see you soon.

/Koenigsegg Staff

“The Agera R is surprisingly controllable at the limit adhesion during cornering. Especially considering the very high G-force the Agera R can generate simultaneously”


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