At Koenigsegg Powertrain, we have both cutting edge knowledge and practical experience in advanced combustion concepts such as gasoline and diesel PPC (Partially Premixed Combustion) and highly loaded, turbocharged HCCI operations. We are experienced with the operation of direct injection with gasoline up to and exceeding 1000 bar fuel pressure. Coupled with our experience with highly turbocharged production engines, we know all there is to know about improving efficiency whilst at the same time reducing emissions.

Engine Simulation

In order to predict engine performance and combustion parameters in a cost effective way, the whole engine needs to be evaluated prior to any components being manufactured. We have experience with programs such as GT-Power, AVL Boost/Fire and MSc Adams. We also have a time- and cost-effective, in-house engine performance program that can help you reach your desired goals with the utmost efficiency.

Engine Components

With a highly stressed engine, every component needs to be balanced and optimized. With our extensive empirical testing, advanced dynamic simulation and FEA, we can determine the right materials and design to use for specific components in order to reach your desired performance specifications.

Engine Design

At Koenigsegg, our cars are built with engines that are designed in-house. We have years of experience in the clean-sheet design of complete engine solutions, and we can work within short time frames if needed. We can also design for optical combustion research engines for high load. As we have close relationships with our specialist subcontractors, we can promise you swift progress from inception to end result.

Racing Engines

We have the knowledge and experience to find performance gains in all areas of your engine design. We can determine the optimal design for intake systems, valve train, combustion chambers and exhaust systems so as to improve both gas exchange and thermodynamic efficiency, allowing you to achieve maximum performance.

“The Agera R is surprisingly controllable at the limit adhesion during cornering. Especially considering the very high G-force the Agera R can generate simultaneously”


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