Koenigsegg Celebrating 20 Years By Introducing Agera One:1 – Worlds First Megacar


The journey of Koenigsegg, since inception, is truly incredible. It all started on August 12th 1994 when a young man, aged 22, set out to realize...

Behind the scenes report of Koenigsegg One:1


Travis Okulski from & photographer GFWilliams were invited to the the final part of the build process of the One:1. With full access to the car and the...

CCXR Edition Runway Blast on Jalopnik


Travis Okulski from & photographer GFWilliams recently visited Koenigsegg, and posted their story. Christian von Koenigsegg is standing next to a 2009 CCXR Edition outside...

Koenigsegg One:1 teaser trailer by /DRIVE.


Official unveiling at Salon international de l’automobile Genève Watch video on YouTube  

DHL collaborates with the world’s fastest cars


DHL in collaboration with Koenigsegg to handle the company’s international express deliveries. DHL Express, the world’s leading international express delivery service, has entered into a...

Koenigsegg and Razer in design partnership


Supercar Icon and Cult Gaming Brand Collaborate on Limited Edition Gaming Laptop CARLSBAD, Calif.—Razer™, the global leader in gaming devices and software, announced today a partnership...

Koenigsegg Lifestyle – Now Koenigsegg Gear!


Two years ago Koenigsegg opened the brand new Lifestyle store, the first Koenigsegg web shop ever.  Today we open our renewed and refreshed Koenigsegg Gear,...

Koenigsegg gets big exposure in Dreamworks Super Bowl TV Spot


Watch video on YouTube

Upcoming Koenigsegg showroom in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Our newly appointed Malaysian representative, “Naza Group”, is currently constructing a new Koenigsegg showroom at their headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. The facility will feature a...

Koenigsegg wins the composites award Plastovationer


New thinking and innovation in the polymer field was rewarded at the Plastic Forum’s well attended Plastic Innovation Awards ceremony at the recent Elmia Subcontractor...

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