Koenigsegg launches new global internet presence

Koenigsegg, the Swedish manufacturer of the world’s premier hypercars, is proud to announce the launch of a new internet presence today. The new website can be found at www.koenigsegg.com and it includes a number of new features to bring the public closer to the company than ever before.

New features include a factory tour, records and awards, company timeline, new pictures and films, and even more information about every model that Koenigsegg has produced throughout its history.

The new website also features functions such as RSS feed registration, making it easy for Koenigsegg fans to follow the latest news and updates with a few simple clicks. The new website is based on a scalable system, allowing features and functions to be updated regularly, keeping it fresh and up to date.

We are also proud to announce the launch of our new Koenigsegg Lifestyle store, which will offer authentic Koenigsegg apparel and other Koenigsegg Lifestyle items. Featured amongst these will be our new
Le Mans and Nordschleife ranges of clothing, including jackets, shirts, caps, and more.

The Koenigsegg Lifestyle store is linked to the main Koenigsegg website and will be operational from
February 23.

To coincide with the opening of the 2012 Geneva Motor show, the website will also include full details of the new 2013 Agera R, as well as a new car configurator and all the latest vehicle images and specifications.

Start your engines!

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