We are pleased to announce that our 2017 Koenigsegg Magazine is now available as a FREE pdf download.

The Koenigsegg Magazine is an annual publication, with a new edition released at the Geneva Motor Show every year. This year, we’ve added an extra 20 pages of content over the 2016 edition. The magazine is full of exclusive stories and photography, including:

– Driving in California during Monterey Car Week
– The 2016 Koenigsegg Owners’ Tour
– Bespoke Design in the Koenigsegg RS ‘Naraya’
– Koenigsegg Regera – Direct Drive
– Koenigsegg Regera – Advance Battery Technology

And much more…..

You can buy a hard-copy of the magazine at our online shop – Koenigsegg Gear.

Or you can simply click here to download a PDF version to read for yourself right now.