Comments are now open on the Koenigsegg website and to kick off this experiment in direct interaction, it’s time to open the floor to questions from YOU.

Our founder and CEO, Christian von Koenigsegg, is going to answer your questions and in keeping with the optimal open-internet philosophy – openness is something we’re very fond of here at Koenigsegg – you can ask him anything. Of course, that doesn’t mean he’ll answer, but you can try.

The way it works:

  • Post your question here in comments on the Koenigsegg website. Note that if it’s your first comment, it’ll have to be approved before it appears, which usually happens very quickly. Read the comments policy for more info
  • We’ll collate the questions and pick the best 12-15 that we can answer in a timely manner.
  • The criteria for picking the questions will include public interest, the number of times a particular question is asked, and whether or not we can actually talk about the topic (i.e. specifics about future models are unlikely).
  • We’ll post the answers on the Koenigsegg website as quickly as they can be written

That’s it!

This whole weblog effort is focused on building a deeper connection with our customers and our fans. We want to bring you Inside Koenigsegg as much as possible. We know that our cars are rare and it’s hard for everyone to share in the ultimate Koenigsegg experience. We’d still like to bring you all as close to the action as we can, though, and being able to access the people here at Koenigsegg is part of that effort.

Fire your questions in comments. We’ll start selecting questions for answering over the weekend.