Back in 2015, we opened the floor and invited your questions on all things Koenigsegg. Our Founder and CEO, Christian von Koenigsegg, answered around 40 of your questions on all manner of subjects.

You can re-read those questions and answers at the following links. There’s a LOT there.

Part 1: General Q&A

Part 2: Early Years and Processes

Part 3: Racing and Technology

Part 4: Regera and the Future


We’d like to open the floor once again and invite you to submit your questions for consideration in our Q&A. A lot’s happened since 2015 and we’re sure there’s plenty for us to talk about.

You can leave your question in comments on this website using the form below. Alternatively, you can submit it via one of our social channels.

We’ll have a post on Facebook that you can submit your questions to. Or you can go to Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #AskCvK.

You have until Sunday lunchtime (Swedish time) to lodge your question. On Sunday afternoon, I’ll start selecting questions to present to the boss.

NOTE: I can’t ask him everything and I’ll give preference to questions that weren’t asked last time. If you want to know how the company was started, how to train yourself to work for a company like Koenigsegg or any of those types of questions, the answers are at the links above. Please do your research!

Photo: Ming Thein for Hasselblad