In 1994 Christian and his team took inspiration from the Ferrari F40 and McLaren F1 to create a minimalistic, pure, no nonsense Supercar with a Swedish twist to it. Christian understood that if features, design and performance did not only match but in many ways exceeded the existing Supercars, no one would look twice at a startup car company from Sweden.

Apart from having a great chassis with great handling from the get go, the CC featured the unique Koenigsegg detachable and storable roof, that was fully integrated in the coupe shape. This was truly unique among supercars at this time. Remember this was before the F50 and the Carrera GT and neither of these cars did a very good job at making the car look like a perfect coupe with the roof on like the CC, and the F50 could not even store the roof in the car.

The CC chassis floor pan was already sandwiched Carbon at this time and so was the whole body. Apart from this extensive space frame technology with chromolybdenium tubes were used to create the rest of the chassis, in combination with a steel monocoque design, that later gave inspiration to the full carbon monocoque chassis that went into production.

The CC was also the first Koenigsegg to feature the unique dihedral door actuation mechanism that proved both practical and truly unique. A mechanism that has defined the brand and set it apart from everyone else. The scaling up of the shape of the first CC prototype from design model to real car, was done completely by hand, by Christian and his team and in a hurry – hence the car looked a bit rough around the edges and the proportions was a bit off. But the CC served its purpose as a testing mule, getting attention and showing the promise of the startup company as, the CC was great to drive.

The engine was a standard Audi 4.2 V8 with and Audi transaxle connected to it. This engine was chosen as a Christian thought it could be a good base for a more tuned version going towards production. However Koenigsegg never managed to strike a supply deal with Audi so Koenigsegg had to look for other solutions going towards production.

Images of the CC Prototype