Old Friends, Good Times – Part 2

I wrote recently about a couple of blessings we had at Koenigsegg these past few weeks. The first of these was some time spent with our first Koenigsegg prototype – the very first Koenigsegg car ever. Blessing #2 was in the form of a visit from a guy named Michael Bergfelt. That’s a name few […]

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Old Friends, Good Times – Part 1

We had a double-blessing at Koenigsegg in recent weeks and it’s fair to say there was a lot of love going around. Blessing #1 was a visit by the very first Koenigsegg prototype. This car now lives at the Motala Motormuseum, about 200km south-west of Stockholm. The prototype returned to the factory to be part […]

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Retrospective – Koenigsegg CCGT Le Mans GT1 Race Car

With the Le Mans endurance race coming up again this weekend, it’s fitting that we show you some new pictures and talk a little about the Koenigsegg CCGT – a Le Mans racer that was sadly cut down before it turned a single corner in anger. Racing is the dream of every sports car manufacturer […]

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