We have opened up the blog here at Koenigsegg.com to comments from readers. You can now interact directly with the company via our comments area and we look forward to you doing so.

We hope you see that as a positive thing but like most positive things, it does carry with it some consequences and therefore, some responsibilities for everyone involved.

The following are things you can expect to see from us, and things that we expect to see from you.

Moderation – Your first comment here will be moderated. After your first comment is approved, you’ll be good to go. Please note that every comment will be read by me, even though it’s published automatically. Comments are reviewed because we want to make sure that appropriate levels of respect are maintained. That makes it a pleasant experience for everyone.

Participation – We want people to participate in comments on this website. We appreciate all the support we get and we want to hear your thoughts and opinions. We do have to set a few ground rules, however, which is what this comments policy is all about.

Spam – We employ an automated spam filter but some people will try to make their comment into an advertisement for their business. This is not OK and comments deemed as such will be removed. We do monitor the spam queue and will pull any false-positives out and publish them when we see them.

On-topic – Discussions can take all sorts of tangents. We know. But please keep your discussion on-topic as much as possible. If you have a question, please make sure it’s relevant to the article you’re commenting on. We’ll try to do a open things up for a Q&A every few months to get answers to more general questions, so please save your off-topic questions for that. Also, the comments section is not the place to ask for a job. If you want a job at Koenigsegg, click here for current vacancies.

RESPECT – It’s in all-caps for a reason. Keeping things respectful is the most important part of developing any online community. This is our house. You are a welcome guest, as are others. It’s not your place to flame our guests and your comment will be removed if you do so. We want everyone to feel welcome and have a good time here but this doesn’t extend to trolls or bullies.

Swearing – Keep it clean, please. The comments engine is configured to moderate comments with certain swear words.

Links – It is OK to place a link in your comment, but only one. Our comment engine has been configured to place a hold on any comments with more than one link.

Repetition – Make your point well, but resist the temptation to make it over and over and over again. People will get it. Make your point well, but resist the temptation to make it over and over and over again. People will get it. See how annoying that is?

Our competition – This is a place for intelligent, reasoned discussion about Koenigsegg publications relating to cars, events, etc. Please refrain from any negative references to competitor vehicles. We have no argument with competitors. In fact, we enjoy that companies continue to raise the bar, again and again.

Contacts – The comments form will ask you for an email address when you fill it out. Please use a real email address and a non-spammy name. If there is an issue with your comment for any of the reasons noted above, we will try to get in touch to inform you as to why action has been taken. We’d like you to keep visiting here, which is why we take this approach.

Thanks for visiting. We hope you enjoy you time here and we look forward to teaching you more and more about Koenigsegg, a company we feel as passionately about as you do.