EVO Magazine compares CC8S & Agera R

Evo speaks with Christian von Koenigsegg, and drives the earliest CC8S and brand new Agera R.

“Keen to get behind the wheel, we decide to break off and move over to the main production facility housed in another building, just a short walk away. As we step through the factory door we find several Ageras in-build on the production line. Next to them is the matt silver development Agera and a vivid orange CCXR, which looks spectacular, but everything is being shaded by the Agera R pouting under the spotlight in the handover area.”

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car_photo_573181 car_photo_573226

car_photo_573223 car_photo_573220

car_photo_573217 car_photo_573214

car_photo_573211 car_photo_573208

car_photo_573205 car_photo_573202

car_photo_573199 car_photo_573196

car_photo_573193 car_photo_573190

car_photo_573187 car_photo_573184

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