Friday at Goodwood Festival of Speed

If you haven’t been to the Goodwood Festival of Speed, put it on your automotive bucket list and get there – by whatever means necessary.

This is an AMAZING event. It’s become so good, in fact, that it’s effectively become the UK’s biggest motor show. The drawcard is the level of access that visitors get to some of the most exotic, beautiful and in many cases, rare machinery ever made.

How rare? Sir Sterling Moss’ Mercedes SLR from the 1955 Mille Miglia is here. So are six of the seven other SLR’s still in existence. That’s the kind of presence that Goodwood now commands.

The F1 paddock is full of racing cars, both current and historic. The Supercar paddock is like a real life version of your favourite glossy car magazine. There are classic cars everywhere. Even the carpark is an eye-popper!

The close access that visitors enjoy here brings plenty of people into Lord March’s beautiful estate and the major car companies have taken notice. Many of them pass traditional motor shows by in order to display at Goodwood, because this is where the people are.

The theme for this year’s Festival of Speed is “Flat Out And Fearless”, celebrating some of the greatest racing in history. Mazda are major sponsors (promoting the new MX-5) so this year’s centrepiece sculpture is a commemoration of Mazda’s LeMans 787B and the LM55 concept created for the Gran Turismo video game. The sculptor is Gerry Judah and this is his 19th such sculpture for the Festival of Speed.


There are three Koenigseggs here at Goodwood.

The all-new Koenigsegg Regera is on display only. It’s not participating in the hillclimb as it’s still in shakedown testing as we fine-tune the car prior to production.

The Regera is on show at the Michelin stand. Michelin are Koenigsegg’s official tire partner and we’re proud to be showing off the Regera at their stand this weekend.


The Regera has been a massive hit. People are around the turntable taking photos all day and it’s been great to chat with them and answer their questions about the car.


Koenigsegg factory driver Robert Serwanski talking tires with Peter Shaw, from Michelin.


The second Koenigsegg at the event is the One:1, privately owned and the centrepiece of The BHP Project. This car is on display in the Supercar paddock and is participating in the Supercar hillclimb with Koegnisegg factory driver, Robert Serwanski at the wheel.


Given that it’s a privately owned car and only 1 of 6 customer cars in existence, the One:1 is being treated with appropriate care. Robert is taking guests on his drives up the Goodwood hill, people invited by our UK distributor, Super Vettura.

This is the grin of a man who’s about to try and scare a very nice lady……


The third Koenigsegg here at Goodwood is a white Agera, personalised by its owner with the moniker of “Agera N”. It’s a beautifully presented car, and it’s also participating in the supercar hillclimb, with the owner himself taking the wheel.


The supercars are doing 2 runs per day on the hillclimb. The fans are loving it and I think the drivers are quite enjoying themselves, too.

Of course, the supercars aren’t the only ones at Goodwood. There are plenty of historic private cars and historic race cars thrilling the crowd this weekend. The road is narrow and there have been a number of excursions into haybales already. This new Ford Mustang retained control but a number of vehicles haven’t. And then there’s the infamous Goodwood wall that looms at the top of the track. All the more reason to ensure both Koenigseggs make it to the top, shiny-side up.


I’ll have plenty of photos from the rest of the event over the coming days. Robert is shooting video in the car, too, which we’ll post to give you a driver’s eye view of the track.

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