100% 4-Seater
100% Koenigsegg design

The Gemera combines the exciting performance traits of a mid-engine two-seater megacar with the practicalities of a four-seater car with more luggage space – meaning the Koenigsegg megacar experience can now be shared with family and friends. As a Mega-GT and Koenigsegg’s first four-seater, the Gemera signifies a revolutionary new vehicle category with an innovative automotive design to match.


  • The Gemera is a true four-seater where the rear and front seats are equally celebrated and comfortable

    Thanks to the lack of B-pillars, the Gemera’s cabin is essentially unobstructed for both front and rear passengers to enter or exit, with no need to move the front seats to get in and out of the rear

  • Eight cup holders - two per person - one hot and one cold

    Steering wheel with leveled graphics screen in the center and haptic touch screen buttons on each spoke


  • The Gemera’s architecture boasts a robust and monolithic characteristic that takes inspiration from very early Koenigsegg designs

    The essence of the megacar is obvious in the exterior but the fact that it’s a four-seater is a complete surprise when the giant doors swing open

  • Rear view cameras replace side mirrors

    Top-mounted titanium Akrapovič exhausts leave a massive impression on looks and sound

  • Air vents incorporated into the headlights and the taillights

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