Around five years ago we had a visit from a young film crew from a Youtube channel called /Drive. They made a series of videos called Inside Koenigsegg and it’s fair to say that that series burned a searing hole through the internet, all around the world, such was its popularity.

If you’ve not seen the original episodes of Inside Koenigsegg, this is a good place to start.

There have been several series of Inside Koenigsegg in the years since and the same crew also made the superb video documentary Apex: The Story of the Hypercar. That release is now available via iTunes, Vimeo and Netflix.

Inside Koenigsegg is back for another series in 2016 and the first video has just been released today on /Drive. In this video, you’ll see Christian von Koenigsegg give some early insights into our latest model, the Koenigsegg Regera.

This series will take you through the Regera in a manner never seen before. Over the coming weeks, Christian will explain all of the groundbreaking technology that’s been developed in-house at Koenigsegg and with our specialist partners, especially for the Regera.

We will also follow-up with a number of technical articles about the electrical systems in this exciting new car, shortly thereafter.

For now, though, enjoy Inside Koenigsegg.

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