The team from Koenigsegg looks forward to meeting friends and fans once again at Monterey Car Week in 2018.

Koenigseggs will be present at two events during Car Week: The Quail – A Motorsports Gathering and Exotics on Cannery Row.

‘The Quail’, as it’s known, is an exclusive, ticketed event held at the Quail Lodge & Golf Club in Carmel, just outside of Monterey.

The Quail has been variously described as “How the fanciest people do car shows” (Jalopnik) and an event featuring “elegance, exceptional automobiles and an unsurpassed selection of the finest wine and culinary creations” (the organisers themselves).

Both are correct.

The Quail IS an amazing display of automobiles, food and luxury living. Our focus, of course, is on the cars and in that respect, The Quail is second to none.

The variety and quality of cars on display is an enthusiast’s dream. The cars themselves are rare enough, let alone the gathering of them all in one place in such numbers. Imagine a collection of Lamborghini Muiras so big it looks like a bowl of Skittles.

That’s The Quail.

Koenigsegg’s tradition at The Quail is to offer a USA-first appearance. In 2016 it was the world and USA debut of the Agera XS, the first Agera RS delivered in the United States. In 2017, we showed the first Regera due for delivery in the United States.

This year will be no different, with the North American debut of the Agera Final Edition twins – Thor and Väder.

Thor and Väder are badged together as Final Edition cars. They are the conclusion of the 8-year-old Agera line of vehicles and form part of the three-car Agera Final series first announced in March 2016. The Agera Final series is based on the Agera RS but with all options available to owners at no additional cost, including the development of bespoke aerodynamic solutions.

Thor is finished in two-tone clear carbon with diamond-flake in select sections of the paintwork. The body features a large LeMans-style central fin for high-speed stability as well as Koenigsegg’s traditional active aerodynamic solutions. Thor’s bodywork has recently been enhanced with additional gold leaf applied to the body and the underside of the rear wing.

Väder is finished in traditional clear carbon with diamond flake and features two small rear winglets and highlights finished in white gold leaf. The enlarged rear spoiler is supported by strakes with bespoke cutouts that reveal the skeleton supporting the function of the active rear wing.

Both cars incorporate custom-designed front winglets, enlarged front and rear spoilers and the 1MW engine upgrade.

On Saturday, Thor and Väder will join all the other Koenigsegg cars that are in town for Car Week at an event called Exotics on Cannery Row. Koenigseggs are coming from around the USA to join the fun at Car Week and Exotics at Cannery Row will be the event where you’ll see them all together at the same time. Look for us at the Michelin stand.

Exotics is ‘the people’s show’ at Monterey. While many events at Car Week are ticketed (and expensive!), Exotics at Cannery Row is a free event in public space. It’s a wonderful opportunity for everyone in Monterey to go down to the Cannery Row district and check out their favourite marques, all in one place.

We look forward to seeing you there!