Our final event at Monterey Car Week was an appearance on the Michelin stand at Laguna Seca raceway, shown above.

Again, it was primarily a chance for us to meet people and answer their questions about the car and the brand.

The Laguna Seca event at Monterey Car Week doesn’t get spoken about much in the motoring press. Coverage is focused more on the prestigious show-n-shine events, especially the Pebble Beach Concours event on Sunday morning. That’s a bit of a shame, because Laguna Seca is absolutely pumping for nearly the whole week.

The event is called the Monterey Motorsports Reunion and you could think of it as a US version of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, but with one of the world’s best racetracks in place of Lord March’s beautiful estate. While it doesn’t share Goodwood’s country estate feel, what it does share is a massive fleet of historic cars being driven as their makers intended.


We were bunkered down in the Michelin stand for the best part of two days but the historic race cars provided a wonderful soundtrack and the crowd was thick all day, wandering between the stands, the garages and whatever shade they could find.

It was a different crowd to the The Quail but no less inquisitive and we had great fun showing the One:1 to visitors at the Michelin stand. Christian did another film/TV session, plenty of photos and a few interviews, too.

Events like Monterey Car Week (and Goodwood in the UK) are getting more and more popular, often at the expense of regular Auto Shows, and it’s easy to understand why. They might cost a bit more to attend but the crowd gets a magnificent setting to enjoy, plenty of action and (in our case) better access to actual people from the company showing the car.

Scroll down for our final gallery of images from Monterey. We had an outstanding time in California and we can’t wait to get back there next year with the Koenigsegg Regera.