The world’s biggest automotive garden party – that’s how the organisers of the Goodwood Festival of Speed like to frame the event.

Who are we to argue?

The English summer produced spectacular weather for the four days of this year’s Festival of Speed. Tens of thousands of people came through the gates every day to enjoy one of the most engaging events on the global automotive calendar.

This was the 25th Anniversary of the Festival of Speed and the former Lord March – now the Duke of Richmond – and his team must be congratulated for yet another sterling event. The Festival of Speed first disrupted, and then displaced all traditional motor shows in the UK, attracting multiple manufacturer debuts and offering personal vehicle experiences that few other events in the world can.

As has become tradition, the forecourt of Goodwood House featured a sculpture designed by Gerry Judah and featuring six full-size vehicles. The theme this year was 70 years of Porsche.

Photos by Steven Wade for Koenigsegg, unless otherwise indicated. Click to enlarge.

Koenigsegg’s factory involvement in this year’s show included three vehicles – two Agera FE models and one Regera.

Fresh from their debuts at the Ghost Squadron event in Germany one week earlier, the Koenigsegg Regera and Agera FE ‘Thor’ were both part of the Michelin Supercar grouping that completed two runs per day up the Goodwood hillclimb circuit. These two cars split the event, with Thor running Thursday and Friday, and the Regera running on the weekend.

Thor’s non-identical Final Edition twin, Väder, also made an appearance as part of a static display honoring the 25th Anniversary of the Festival of Speed.

They weren’t the only Koenigseggs involved in Goodwood 2018, however. The Agera RSN also drove the hillclimb as part of the Michelin Supercars group. In addition, a Koenigsegg CCR joined Väder on the field as part of the 25th Anniversary display and while it wasn’t seen by your writer, it’s understood that a CCXR Edition was also involved in another display.

Mention should also be made of the Agera ML making a cameo in the Supercar Paddock for an hour (before being asked to leave by the organisers as it was parked in a clearway required for emergency vehicles) and the Agera N, which spent the weekend parked outside.

And as an aside, visitors to Goodwood should allocate a couple of hours to wandering the car parks. There’s always some amazing machinery there.

The Hillclimb

Thor, Regera and the Agera RSN all participated in the hillclimb as part of the Michelin Supercars group. Thor and the Regera shared a single garage at the event, with Thor running Thursday and Friday and the Regera running Saturday and Sunday.

Thor was driven by Koenigsegg factory driver, Niklas Lilja, for all of its four runs over two days.

Photo by James Holm

Thor’s owner was present at the event and was keen to see what the car could do. He joined Niklas in the car for the second run, which was captured via an in-car camera.

Niklas Lilja:

“This was my first visit to Goodwood and its famous hillclimb circuit.

The track was a little dusty because of the very dry weather but over all, conditions were good. I used the first run as a learning run to get familiar with the track at a slow pace. Thor responded well and handled the track beautifully during each run, posting some great times in the process. The only time we finished ‘slow’ was due to us catching the car that left in front of us!

Thor’s fastest run of the event was a 51.5 but that was with some sub-optimal approaches in the last two corners. By comparison, there were dedicated racing cars in the final shootout that posted slower times than this, so we have reason to be happy with what we achieved. I’m pretty confident Thor could post a time very close to 50-seconds flat, maybe even sub-50 with the right lines. That would be an exceptional effort for a production vehicle on standard road tyres.

Over all, a fantastic event with great customers and fans all weekend. The best motor show in the world, I would say.”

Photo by James Holm

The Regera was driven by its owner on the first run, Youtube personality Mr JWW on the second run, and by Niklas Lilja on its third and fourth runs. No fast times were posted in the Regera as this was more of an experience event for the owner than a competitive outing.

Photo by James Holm

Christian gives Mr JWW an overview of the Regera prior to his run up the hill:

And the run itself, captured by 360-degree camera:

The Agera RSN did the hillclimb all four days, driven by its owner.

All three Koenigseggs in the Michelin Supercar paddock featured on the Michelin stage at various times. Presentations were made to introduce each car to the gathered crowd, who were glued to every word. Our thanks to Fifth Gear’s Vicki Butler-Henderson for being such a gracious and enthusiastic host.

25th Anniversary Display

The second of the Final Edition vehicles – Väder – was joined by a green CCR on the Goodwood cricket ground as part of a static display to mark the 25th Anniversary of the Festival of Speed. There was one car on display for each year of the festival, with the CCR representing 2004 and the Agera FE representing 2018.

Our valet staff had a hard time keeping the cars clean as the field was so dry and dusty. The crowds didn’t seem to mind, however, and the cars attracted plenty of attention for the entire Festival.



Our thanks to our incredible UK dealer – SuperVettura – for all of their work on the ground coordinating the appearance of these exceptional cars at this truly outstanding event. Goodwood is a signature event that was once the domain of UK and European customers but is fast becoming a worldwide drawcard for the wider Koenigsegg family.

Thanks as always to Michelin for their support and for allocating their one dedicated spot in the Supercar Paddock to the Koenigsegg Regera. We’re proud of our partnership with Michelin and were pleased to put on a show for you at Goodwood.

Thanks to James Holm for capturing some of the photos that we couldn’t capture ourselves.

And finally, our thanks must go to the Duke of Richmond and the staff at the Goodwood Estate, in particular the excellent Freddie Smith, for being so helpful in getting the Agera FE models into the show.

Onwards and upwards for 2019!