The Koenigsegg Regera on display is owned by Carage, a new Koenigsegg dealership in Switzerland that will celebrate its grand opening just after the Geneva Motor Show. You can follow Carage on Instagram or check out their website.

The Regera is finished in KNC – Koenigsegg Naked Carbon – the first car ever to feature this amazing exterior treatment. It looked like liquid metal under the show lights, as you can see in these images.

The Carage KNC Regera is trimmed in grey inside.

While Jesko stole the Geneva Motor Show in general, the KNC Regera got plenty of attention of its own.


It is, by no means, a stretch to say that the launch of the new Koenigsegg Jesko was the most successful in the company’s storied history.

The car was met with universal acclaim among both customers and the motoring press. Sales are mounting and it will not be long before we can announce that all 125 cars are sold.


Koenigsegg Jesko

Jesko features a fully robotised body, with all openings operated by the push of a button on the remote, or via a touchscreen inside the car.

The rear profile shows an affirmative stance. The car is available in two configurations – ‘track’ and ‘top speed’. The track version was on display at Geneva. The top speed version will be shown later in 2019.

The track version features much more aggressive aerodynamics that provide 800kg of downforce at 250 km/h. A maximum of 1400kg of downforce is available.

A key element is the large rear wing, which follows the rear curvature of the car.

The ‘251’ on the wing tip notes the car’s chassis number.

A look down the side of the Jesko…

The front splitter on the track version is also the largest ever used on a Koenigsegg.

The front hood contains an aero outlet like the one used in the One:1.

Upside: it creates more downforce.

Downside: the roof cannot be stored in this space on the track version of the car.

Jesko’s new carbon fibre wheels weigh just 5.9 kilos at the front and 7.4 kilos at the rear.

The wheels are shod with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires as standard. The Cup 2 R is an available option for dry weather only.

Some people asked where the ghost is on Jesko:

The ghost can also (just) be seen in this image, which focuses on the floating ‘Jesko’ badge at the rear.

Pic by @JonGolden8

Front and rear lights, in detail….

Exhaust outlet details:

We have re-engineered the dihedral synchro-helix door hinge on Jesko. The door now opens slightly higher than before thanks to a simple change of angle on the hinge. These new hinges can be retrofitted to any previous Koenigsegg.

The hinge detail below shows the slight upward hangle of the hinge rails. This is completely horizontal in earlier cars.


Jesko features a re-worked Koenigsegg twin-turbo V8 engine producing 1280hp on regular gasoline and 1600hp on E85. It’s buried in here somewhere.

More prominent is the new rear Triplex damper. It now features a progressive spring with hydraulic adjustment and full adjustability for bump and rebound.

It also looks really, really cool.

Below is an image of our engine/transmission display. Jesko has an all-new gearbox, developed and built in-house at Koenigsegg. The Light Speed Transmission has 9 forward gears, changes at near lightning speed and can shift you to the gear offering the fastest acceleration regardless of that gear’s relationship to the gear you’re in at the time (i.e. it’s not sequential).

The Light Speed Transmission has a super-compact footprint and weighs just 90kgs.


Jesko features a new steering-wheel-mounted display screen that moves with the wheel. The circular section in the centre of the display is self-righting, so it always stays horizontal when the wheel is turned.

It’s all in the details sometimes, like the chassis number and Swedish flag on the racing harness belts.

The top of the dashboard features an optional analogue G-meter.

A car, its creators and its inspiration.

The Koenigsegg Jesko was named for Jesko von Koenigsegg, pictured on the left with the company’s COO and CEO – also his daughter-in-law and son – Halldora and Christian von Koenigsegg.


Koenigsegg employees past and present are always welcome on our stand and we had a good number of them visit Geneva this year with their families.

Full-time designer and graphic artist, part-time extremely busy bartender:

This is the second year that Angelholm brewery, Skelderwikens, has commemorated the Geneva Motor Show with a Koenigsegg labeled beer. It’s very, very popular:

We had a number of notables visiting our stand during the first few days of the show. My camera was neither quick enough or discreet enough to catch Nico Rosberg or Mate Rimac visiting our stand, but I did manage to catch a few….

Dreadlocked Porsche savant, Magnus Walker, spent some time on the stand…

Prominent Youtuber Shmee150 came for several visits, seen here with fellow Youtuber Zach Lewis from ZachsGarage.

UK Racing Queen Lorina McLaughlin also called in.

Do Koenigsegg owners count as celebrities in their own right in 2019? I guess if they’re asked to sign scale models, they probably do. Naraya owner/driver Pasin Lathouras signs a scale model of his car for a buyer.