Koenigsegg at the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Koenigsegg enjoyed a successful Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2015. There were three Koenigsegg vehicles participating in this year’s Festival of Speed, one provided by the factory and two provided by private owners.


The Koenigsegg Regera was the highlight of the Michelin Stand. It may well have been the highlight of the whole Festival, going by the level of interest and the comments received. The Regera was surrounded by people with cameras for all four days of the event. Personnel from Michelin were fielding questions and comments about the car all day, the most common being:

  • How much does it cost?
  • How much power does it have?
  • 1500hp? Seriously?
  • Why are there electric fans in the exhaust pipe?
  • That’s not the exhaust pipe?
  • They’re the exhaust pipes? Really?




Goodwood is an automotive honeypot for fans with cameras who don’t have a ticket into the event but still want to get photos of exotic cars. That’s because the even car parks at Goodwood are full of amazing automobiles.

At the end of the Festival, the carpark paparazzi sometimes gets a glimpse of the display vehicles, too. Such was the case when the Regera was loaded onto the Koenigsegg trailer before making its way home to Sweden.

(note: the video creator put 1800hp in the title, which is incorrect)

One:1 and Agera N

As with the Regera, the One:1 and Agera N were extremely popular in the Supercar Paddock, especially when the vehicles were opened up for a close inspection as to how it all works.


One of the great things about the Festival of Speed is the access that fans get to some of the most prestigious cars in the world. There are few events anywhere where you can stick your head (or your camera lens) right into the engine bay of a record-setting Megacar. Goodwood is one such place and the wonderful thing about it isthe respect shown to the cars. The people visiting Goodwood are automotive enthusiasts that value the opportunities they’re given to see their hero cars up close.


Side note: We have received a few questions about the Agera N since it was first mentioned here, and on our social media channels. The Agera N is not a new model. Some owners like personalise their cars and the ‘N’ designation is one such personalisation on the part of this particular owner.


Koenigsegg attended Goodwood in partnership with, and in support of our local distributors – Super Vettura. Given that both cars are privately owned by Super Vettura clients, are extremely powerful and extremely valuable, the emphasis was more on having a good time; showing the cars off and providing a memorable experience for clients and journalists who came along for a ride.


The One:1 and Agera N both participated in the hillclimb at Goodwood but there was no emphasis on achieving an overly fast time. In fact, there was no official time recorded for our runs at all, but you can time this one at around 55 or 56 seconds using the video below.

Our final run of the event, on Sunday afternoon:

A few notes from Robert on climbing at Goodwood:

The hillclimb itself is only 1.16 miles long but it’s actually pretty tricky with most corners being blind. That’s either because of the hay bales, a crest or why not a brick wall? The last two mentioned are actually the most tricky ones.

Molecomb corner is a 90deg left hander which you reach at very high speed after being flat out. The tarmac has some dips and small bumps, which often can be felt quite significantly during braking. This corner is the one that catches quite a few drivers out since you must brake before you actually can see the corner itself.

That 55-56 second time would put us amongst the top 3 or 4 Supercars that participated in the supercar shootout, which is not bad given the casual (and slightly interrupted) nature of Robert’s drive and our emphasis on looking after the cars.

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