Koenigsegg’s newest dealership enjoyed a very warm reception at its launch last week, providing a much-appreciated injection of excitement into the Australian automotive landscape.

Koenigsegg partnered with importer, Prodigy Automotive, and leading luxury dealership Lorbek Luxury Cars to establish the company’s first factory-authorised, full-service and aftersales representation in Australia.

The launch began with an invitation-only cocktail party on Thursday, June 21st, at the Lorbek Luxury Cars facility in Port Melbourne. The gala event was attended by over 200 collectors and enthusiasts, all keen to indulge in their first Koenigsegg experience.

The only two Koenigseggs in Australia – a pristine CCR in black and CCX in fiery orange – were both in attendance and revealed to the gathered crowd as the night progressed.

The night’s formalities included a brief presentation on the history and achievements of Koenigsegg Automotive, given by Mr Steven Wade, Koenigsegg’s Swedish-based but Melbourne-born PR and Communications Manager.

Australian customers were given a world-first preview of the Agera RS replacement vehicle in the form of a silhouette sketch shown during the presentation.

As all Regeras were sold prior to Koenigsegg’s arrival in Australia, this eagerly anticipated new vehicle – due for its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2019 – is the only new model available to Australian buyers at present. Keen customers also had access to the same virtual-reality presentation of the vehicle that was made available to VIP’s at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

Launch events continued on Sunday 24th June, with an open-house Cars n Coffee type event at Lorbek Luxury Cars. Thousands of fans circulated between the carpark and Lorbek’s amazing showroom during the course of the morning.

The CCR and CCX were prime attractions, of course, proudly displayed out front of the facility and opened/closed during the morning to give fans a full view of Koenigsegg’s unique door and hood openings.

Srecko Lorbek, Dealer Principal, Lorbek Luxury Cars:

It is incredibly exciting for Lorbek Luxury Cars to officially welcome Koenigsegg into our family, and for Lorbek to be so warmly welcomed into Koenigsegg’s. The Australian market is a rapidly growing one and a market that has been denied the performance and exclusivity Koenigsegg offer. The Oceanic market is showing a passion and engagement with Koenigsegg never before seen anywhere else in the world and we are thrilled to be tapping into this energy with the best manufacturer in the world.

Andreas Petre, Koenigsegg’s Sales Director (Australia):

The reception we received in Melbourne was outstanding. It’s really driven home the fact that Koenigsegg is now a brand with genuine global reach. The Lorbek and Prodigy team has been fantastic and we look forward to building on the relationships we established with new customers this week and delivering cars to Australian shores in future.

Nicholas Batzialas, Director, Prodigy Automotive:

The official launch of Koenigsegg has ignited a passion and released pent-up demand in the Australian and New Zealand market. We are under no illusions when we say the Oceanic market will be one of the biggest in the world for Koenigsegg and the initial interest and order activity we’ve already experienced in these first few days is a testament to this.


  1. Comment by snb

    snb June 25, 2018 at 15:41

    Wonder if the new gen. will be a mild hybrid like some sources suggest or pure ICE. I hope Koenigsegg finally incorporates their amazing FreeValue technology with the new car. I was hoping that this car would have an elegant fully retractable top mounted wing like the Regera’s but I guess it being a track focused vehicle it make more sense to make it fixed as apparent from the huge end plates. One cool feature that I really hope is carried over from the Regera is the fishtail exhaust, I hope it becomes a trademark design feature on all Koenigsegg like the targa roof and dihedral doors.

    Funny how one could get excited over something they are unlikely to be able to afford any time soon.

  2. Comment by Leon Suter

    Leon Suter July 2, 2018 at 03:52

    Welcome to Australia! We have always admired Koenigsegg and have been inspired by you in the way we approach our own product design and customer care. I hope we can collaborate soon. Congratulations and best wishes.

  3. Comment by Dale Stenberg

    Dale Stenberg July 3, 2018 at 12:28

    These are times I’m proud to be Swedish! The cars are magnificent! I live in Melbourne Florida. I would love to see these cars up close and personal here in the Sunshine State. Where are there dealerships here in Florida?
    Dale Stenberg

  4. Comment by Ethan

    Ethan July 9, 2018 at 09:56

    I remembered when I emailed Koenigsegg a couple years ago asking them to come to Australia

    It’s now happened and I’m so excited, and they’re only one state away

    I hope that one day I could see one up in person, I love the design and engineering that goes into making such a car, it truely goes above and beyond

    Special thanks to the Koenigsegg family and Mr Koenigsegg himself

  5. Comment by Andreas

    Andreas July 10, 2018 at 12:03

    Cant you open a store in Gothenburg?

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