Koenigsegg CCX – Fastest car of the day at VMax200!

Official UK Koenigsegg dealer SuperVettura attended the VMax 200 Hypermax event at Bruntingtorp Airfield this weekend. The event was organized by Auto Vivendi

Supervettura brought a pre owned 2009 Koenigsegg CCX off the showroom floor that went on to beat some fierce competitors. The CCX has 806 hp and is in Koenigsegg terms a base model and not nearly as fast as the Agera range of Koenigsegg cars. Still, it was faster than all other modern Super and Hypercars out there, even beating the ones with more power and hybrid systems. The secret to a high end speed on a track like this is to carry as much speed as possible out of the corner before the straight, and this was where the CCX really excelled.

The CCX also acted as a high speed shuttle all day during the event, and allowed many to experience the speed and handling of a CCX for the first time in their lives. Driver was Oliver Webb Racing

In the YouTube clip from Shmee150 you can see some of the competition that the CCX went up against.

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