The new Koenigsegg Jesko was announced at the Geneva Motor Show just yesterday and it’s fair to say the news has caused a few ripples…..

Here’s a quick round-up of some of the stories we found:


We had a small handful of media outlets at our Angelholm factory in the week leading up to Geneva. They got a briefing on the car and a chance to check it out as we completed the build.

ApexOne – the guys behind the film, Apex, and the Inside Koenigsegg series on YouTube, were there for the preview.

They produced this opening look at the new Jesko:


Shmee150 was there, too. He took a look under Jesko’s skin and chatted with Christian about some of the new tech we’ve built into the car.


Top Gear Magazine came along, too.

Just when you thought the Hennessey Venom F5 or Bugatti Chiron was on course to top 300mph first, Koenigsegg once again reminds us that nobody does speed like the Swedes. OK, they haven’t cracked it yet, but according to the boss, Christian von Koenigsegg, his all-new Jesko hypercar is capable of over 300mph in simulations (the current production record-holder, the Agera RS, hit an average of 277mph in 2017), albeit in a lower downforce set-up than you see here. They would still need to find somewhere to do it, someone mad enough to drive it and a tyre manufacturer to back an attempt… but the science says it’s possible.


Pro-shooter James Holm was there for Auto Motor and Sport, Sweden. AMS’s story in Swedish is here.

James also did a story on, in English, and it has the benefit of his amazing photography work as well.


YouTube’s Mr JWW visited pre-Geneva and took an in-depth look at Jesko AND a factory tour with CvK.


Máté Petrány covered the story for America’s Road and Track magazine:

….even though it’s the successor to the car that’s already the fastest in the world, this Agera RS replacement is a clean sheet design. It’s built around a longer chassis, hiding a heavily upgraded V-8 that makes 1600 hp when it’s running on E85, and a nine-speed gearbox with seven clutches, the like of which we’ve never seen before.

Petrány also has a separate article specifically about our new 9-speed multi-clutch Light Speed Transmission.

Check it out.


Forbes Magazine’s Guy Martin writes:

It touts a 5.0 liter twin-turbo V8, which is in keeping with Koenigsegg’s motto of packing a towering amount of power into a small package. Put another way, this engine produces 1280 horsepower on standard gas, which figure rises to 1600 hp on E85 biofuel. American owners will be forewarned that the state highway patrol may stop you simply to look at the fantastic thing.


Bloomberg’s Hannah Elliot extends the analysis:

All signs point to more of these extremely expensive, extremely low-volume hypercars spanning the earth. McLaren’s $2 million Speedtail, for example, sold out all 106 examples of its three-seat hybrid two years before production started. According to IHS MarkitGlobal, sales of cars costing more than $180,000—so-called ultra-premium cars—quadrupled to nearly 28,700 between 2009 and 2017.

Back in Sweden, and using a former Saab facility now owned by the Chinese-controlled National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB, Koenigsegg production will reach hundreds of vehicles annually by 2022, most of them at a price of $1 million or more.


CAR Magazine will have an in-depth feature in their print edition, but lead with this in their coverage of the car live from Geneva:

Has it got a million horsepower?

Not far off – the redesigned 5.0 litre, twin-turbo V8 produces 1262bhp on standard petrol and a frankly baffling 1578bhp on E85 biofuel. That’s 1600 European horsepower.

It redlines at 8500rpm but it’s fair to say midrange performance will be pretty punchy too thanks to 1500Nm at 5100 rpm.


Australia’s MOTOR Magazine concentrated their story on one of Jesko’s (many) party tricks – the Light Speed Transmission.

This powerhouse is attached to arguably the Jesko’s headline act, an all-new nine-speed gearbox dubbed Light Speed Transmission. It effectively operates like a dual-clutch but has the ability to instantly grab the appropriate gear for maximum power rather than just the adjacent one.

It does away with synchro rings and uses a number of multi-plate clutches. The computer then uses engine speed and road speed data to not only engage the current gear but also the one that would deliver maximum acceleration at any time.

To request the change there is a two-stage gearshift mechanism. Gears can be selected one at a time via the steering wheel paddles or shifter but a second stage engages Ultimate Power On Demand, instantly selecting the right gear for the biggest possible punch.


Auto Express:

Like the Agera before it, the new Koenigsegg Jesko features a host of functional aerodynamics, with a new active rear wing, an active front splitter and a revised rear diffuser. The Swedish firm claims it will generate more than 1,000kg of downforce at 170mph, and a maximum downforce figure of 1,400kg.


The UK’s Autocar:

This year’s Geneva motor show isn’t short on hypercars, but the newly unveiled Koenigsegg Jesko might turn out to be the most hyper of them all……

Von Koenigsegg says his company has already taken 83 deposits on the car, ahead of its official unveiling. “Be fast if you want one,” he told the crowds at Geneva. “We will have to see how many are left at the end of the show.”


Jalopnik likes a good solution, so they’ve focused themselves on….. Anti-lag:

Certainly, a company like Koenigsegg could say, oh yeah, turbo lag is exciting. This is meant to be a thrilling car, with a big wing and big scoops and a ludicrous top speed. But that’s not how Koenigsegg does things…..


The Drive takes a peek at its 5 Hottest Cars of Geneva:

While the Koenigsegg Jesko won’t be nearly as expensive or exclusive as the Bugatti, its performance promises to be a magnitude more extreme. Up to 1,600 horsepower, a 300-mph top speed, and a game-changing nine-speed, seven-clutch “Light Speed Transmission” take the Agera successor supposedly beyond hypercar status and into the realm of the “megacar.”

Need more evidence of just how highly Koenigsegg thinks of its new creation? Christian von Koenigsegg named the Jesko after his dad.


This is just a quick look. There are LOTS of stories out there:

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