Koenigsegg One:1 – A Lap At Spa-Francorchamps

When the Koenigsegg One:1 development car left Suzuka Circuit, it was shipped to Germany as part of its standard route back to Sweden. While it was in the area, we thought it might be good to call in at the beautiful Circuit De Spa-Francorchamps, in Belgium. Modena Trackdays were holding their 2015 event at Spa in conjunction with PACE Germany. Our factory One:1 joined a host of exotic machines, including four privately owned Koenigseggs:

  • CC8S
  • CCX
  • CCX Edition
  • Agera

All photos are copyright by Maurice Volmeyer, 2015.


We had the pleasure of welcoming Formula 1 veteran, Adrian Sutil into the cockpit for the first day of the event. Adrian knows the Spa circuit extremely well so he was able to show our factory driver, Robert Serwanski, where to turn. Because Robert knows the car better than most parents know their children, Adrian’s guidance as to the nuances of the track were all he needed to have a great weekend on the tarmac.

This was a public event and Koenigsegg offered a few lucky visitors the chance to ride shotgun for some hotlaps around Spa. Adrian and Robert shared the chauffeur duties on the first day of the event, while Robert drove the One:1 for all of the second day.

Here are a few notes about the laps:

  • This was Robert’s first time driving at Spa, so Adrian Sutil’s assistance with learning the track was invaluable, and much appreciated.
  • The car was in standard trim, with the same setup as at Suzuka. It was using the same set of tyres, which are our standard Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 road tyres. New brake pads were installed at the front after Suzuka.
  • The car was driven in ‘track’ mode and all driver aids except for ABS were switched off. This is a standard setup available to all customers who own the One:1.
  • We had access to some bioethanol at Spa, but not full E85. The car’s power was down by around 100hp as a result.
  • These were not time-attack laps. All the laps completed at Spa were driven with a guest inside the car, to give them a taste of the Koenigseggg experience.
  • There was no official timing at the event, however we had our data logging equipment loaded in the car and were able to record some unofficial lap times.

Below is the full lap from the camera attached to our external datalogger. Sadly, there is no high-resolution footage from this particular lap. In another unfortunate misadventure, the datalogger cable that transmits RPM, brake pressure and throttle position was not connected to its datalogger socket. Hence, the incomplete set of datalogger readings you’ll see in the video. Thankfully, we do still have the lap time available.


This was an unofficial lap time but we’re pleased to note that it compares quite favourably with other lap times recorded by production vehicles on production road tyres at Spa. The fastest time by a comparable vehicle that we have been able to source online is a 2:38. We’d love to hear from you if you know of faster lap times we can look at.

As mentioned earlier, Robert was driving with a passenger in the car at all times and he thinks there was plenty of margin for improvement. In fact, if we were to combine the best times logged for all sectors of the track during the event, the time would have been below 2:30.

We know that some of you like your figures, so here’s a select few from the day:

  • Top speed: 307.79 km/h
  • Maximal Lateral G: 1.742G
  • Maximal Braking G: 1.650G

From Robert:

The car felt really great. You would be forgiven for thinking we had done a lot of its development on this very track, even though this was the first time ever for the One:1 at Spa.

The car behaved exactly the way we want it to. Very safe and predictable behaviour, no matter the speed with a small, confident level of understeer that is easily balanced to neutral (or oversteer) at any point by either applying more power or lifting off the throttle at the right moment.


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