Koenigsegg One:1 At Suzuka – The Journey Begins!

The festivities haven’t really started yet but already, Suzuka is proving to be amazing!


Our crew of four flew into Japan today and were met by a great group of people from our Japanese distributor. After a quick bite for lunch, it was straight out to the Suzuka Circuit. The Sound of Engines event starts with mostly media engagements tomorrow and a full public program on the weekend. That meant this afternoon was our best chance to give the Koenigsegg One:1 a quick shakedown in preparation for the event.

In the photo below, our factory driver, Robert Serwanski, is fine tuning the aero settings for the car. One of the services Koenigsegg offers its customers is the ability to download customised settings directly to the car via a built-in 3G connection. This is the first time we’ve been to Suzuka so the settings we get via our laps this weekend will play an important part in making a ‘Suzuka package’ available to future Koenigsegg owners.


Everything is checked and double-checked before the car goes out. Even simple things such as tyre pressures, so easy to overlook, are checked before and after each run. It’s the little things that make the difference.




When everything was ready, Robert suited up and it was time to hit the track…..


These early sessions are so vital to getting some good runs over the weekend. Robert is intimately familiar with the car, but this is his first time at Suzuka so the chance to get a feel for the track is invaluable.





Tomorrow we start the day with some media appointments. Robert’s first laps of the day will be just before lunchtime. There will be more in the afternoon and over the weekend and we will keep you updated the whole time right here on the Koenigsegg website, and via our various social media channels.

Keep scrolling down, however – there’s more!!


Cars That Aren’t Koenigseggs At Suzuka

Of course, the Sound of Engines event isn’t just about Koenigsegg and some amazing cars were there sharing the track with us today. It was pure joy to hear and see these cars in action.

Yes, we are Koenigsegg, but we are car people, too, and this will be an event to be savoured for all who attend. It’s a celebration of all things automotive and we feel proud to be playing a big part in it.

The Chairman of our Japanese distributor group, Mr Takei, owns a number of classic and irreplaceable vehicles and some of them were at Suzuka today. Here’s Takei-san getting ready to take his historic Ferrari F1 car for some test laps.


This Ferrari is significant in Japanese motorsport. It’s the actual car driven by Gerhard Berger when he won the 1987 Japanese Grand Prix, at Suzuka.


Some of the cars that were present today include the cars you see below:

  • Porsche 962CR Schuppan
  • Pagani Huayra and a Pagani Zonda Revelucion
  • Bennetton F1 car
  • Ferrari F40








We’re looking forward to a stellar day tomorrow here at Suzuka.

It’s time to get this party started!


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