20% discount on all merchandise at the pop-up store, with 20% of all proceeds going towards the Breast Cancer Foundation of Sweden. So come on down, get some merch, meet the team and do some good!

Dates: 29 Jun – 4 Jul.

Opening Hours (weekdays) 1100-1800 and (Sat) 10-15

Address: Storgatan 31 Ängelholm

An exciting line up of activities: 

29 Jun: 3-4pm
Meet and greet: The Koenigsegg aftermarket team
Speak with our technicians about what it is they do to deliver our cars in tip-top condition!

30 Jun: 3-6 pm
Meet, greet and speak with our amazing composites team.

1 Jul: 3-6 pm
Meet and greet and sketch: Sasha and the coolest Raw Design team

2 Jul: 3-6 pm
Meet and greet and stitch: Our superstar upholstery team

3 Jul: 2.30-4.30 pm
Have questions about working with us?
Meet with our HR team to find out what it takes to work at Koenigsegg.

4 July: 1-3 pm
Meet and greet: Christian von Koenigsegg
Get a photo with, and an autograph by, our local megacar extraordinaire.


Note: We may experience some limitations in the shop as we are respecting all health and safety guidelines. Please bear with us in the event of larger crowds. We will make sure everyone gets to shop at the store! Some changes in activities to be expected in the event of rain.