Koenigsegg Automotive has been recognised for its consistent growth over recent years.

Sweden’s premier business newspaper, Dagens Industri, honours growing companies every year with their DI Gazelle award (Gasell in Swedish).

Gazelle companies are those that show significant, consistent growth over a prolonged period. The phrase was originally coined by economist Dave Birch in the 1980’s. His generic definition at the time was a company that shows 20% growth in revenues over a period of four years.

Dagens Industri starts with a base size requirement, and then employs a slightly more robust criteria:

– At least doubled its turnover, comparing the first and last fiscal year over the previous four years.
– Increased its turnover every year over the past three years.
– Has a positive overall operating profit for the last four fiscal years.
– Growth must be organic, not through acquisitions or mergers.
– Healthy finances.

Gazelle companies are valued in world economies because of their capacity to generate income and, more importantly, employment. Gazelles need people to build their capacity, where older companies (elephants) are more constantly streamlining or shedding staff and corner stores (mice) are just self-sustaining.

Successful sales of the Agera RS, Regera, and a soon-announced Agera RS replacement have seen Koenigsegg enjoy consistent growth. The company has grown from around 70 people in mid-2015 to nearly 200 today, and its physical footprint in Ängelholm has doubled over the same period.

Christian and Halldora von Koenigsegg attended the award ceremony in Malmö on Monday, November 19th.