MCC Hypercars was appointed as the new Koenigsegg dealer for mainland China in 2017.

In May 2018 they opened their new showroom facility in the Chaoyang District, in Beijing.

MCC stands for Motorsport, Classic and Competition. The business has been established primarily for the promotion and expansion of Koenigsegg in the Chinese marketplace.

MCC Hypercars is managed by Charlie Lee and Sid Wang, the latter being connected to Koenigsegg in China since 2013 and the earliest days of the One:1 project. Wang is quite optimistic about the future:

We must put great effort to ‘shorten’ the geographical distance between China and Sweden. When Chinese customers have greater exposure to brand and can find us more easily, all requests can be easily satisfied, more and more of them will come to us with full trust. China is a changeable but very big potential market. Personally I think the market is recovering and we will work hard with Koenigsegg to quickly acquire new customers here.

China has been a much-treasured market for Koenigsegg in the past, especially in the Agera and One:1 era. Koenigsegg and MCC Hypercars look forward to re-establishing the company’s footprint in this growing economy, reaching out to a growing number of young entrepreneurs.

Koenigsegg Sales director for the Middle East, Asia and Australasia, Andreas Petre, attended the opening on behalf of Koenigsegg Automotive.

There is a lot of potential here in China. The buyers here are getting younger and they’re sophisticated people. They work hard and play hard, they travel and they spend their earnings on things that are important to them. We hope to tap into that market.

California alone represents about 40% of the world hypercar market. Nowhere else comes close to California at this point in time but we think China definitely has a lot of potential to be a similarly dominant market. We look forward to that sort of development in the future with MCC representing us here.