Castrol offers lubricants for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. For automotive lubrication (including motorcycles 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, car gasoline/petrol and diesel engines), their products include manual and automatic transmission fluids, chain lubricants and waxes, coolants, suspension fluids, brake fluids, greases, cleaners and maintenance products. Castrol also produces products for agricultural machinery, plant, general industry and marine engineering uses. Castrol EDGE Titanium FST employs soluble titanium polymers in conjunction with bespoke Film Strength Technology™ to double the oil’s film strength. This prevents film breakdown, meaning less friction and much greater protection under the kind of extreme pressures seen in high performance engines such as in the One:1.


Koenigsegg Automotive AB is pleased to announce a new partnership with the world’s leading provider of performance lubricants, Castrol. Under this partnership, Castrol EDGE will be the exclusive provider of performance lubricants for the Koenigsegg One:1 Megacar.
Both Koenigsegg and Castrol work according to an ethos that accepts only the best in performance. The two companies look forward to working together to continually improve their products in the future, reaching new heights in performance motoring and engine lubrication.

“We accept no compromises when we design a new car at Koenigsegg. We demand an engine oil that is developed with the same extreme performance in mind. After exhaustive testing during the development of the One:1, we knew that Castrol EDGE was the right oil to protect our engines. Our cars are designed to be pushed to extreme levels of performance and only Castrol EDGE provides the extreme protection we need.” – Christian von Koenigsegg