Rimac Automobili is a Croatian company that develops and produces high-performance electric vehicles, drivetrain and battery systems.


Christian and Mate Rimac met several years ago and became friends. As a young and ambitious entrepreneur, in the tough automotive arena, Mate looked for a mentor and found one in Christian, a childhood hero of Mate, who had already crossed the tough path that Mate also chose to follow.

Christian on the other hand was compelled by Mates drive and energy to create the most technically advanced EV sports car to date.

Today Koenigsegg and Rimac are two striving ambitious companies with complimenting skillsets that truly can help each other succeed in a very tough market place. Given this, Koenigsegg supports Rimac with low volume production questions, structural composites and certain electronics. Rimac on the other hand work together with Koenigsegg for battery pack and PDU development and they produce some welded assemblies for Koenigsegg. Going forward, both companies believe the collaboration can deepen even further.