Westbay Trailers was founded in Sweden by two entrepreneurs with different backgrounds but with a common goal in mind; to challenge a very traditional industry and introduce a new type of trailers. As racing enthusiasts, they found that the car trailers available lacked the functionality necessary to transport modern sports cars. Another problem was the design of traditional trailers, which really did not match the customers expectations. Westbay Trailers wanted to introduce a trailer worthy of the car being transported as well as the car towing it. Thus, the Raceliner was born and our quest for constant innovation, unparalleled design and function never stops. To check out the latest news, please visit www.theraceliner.com or www.westbaytrailers.se

“We feel very honored to be partners to Koenigsegg. Their high standards and constant thrive for innovation has been a great inspiration to us. Us being selected as their preferred trailer partner is proof that we have reached our goals to build the ultimate car transport trailer.”
– Fredrik Hedberg, Westbay trailers

“Westbay Trailers is focused on high quality, they’re sensitive to customer needs and are willing to customize the trailer to your car. That is why we have chosen them as our official trailer partner.”
– Christian von Koenigsegg