The Geneva Motor Show is, without doubt, the most significant motor show on the automotive calendar. Every company that matters is there. It can fairly be said that if you don’t show at Geneva then you don’t really exist in terms of the world automotive market. That’s how big Geneva is.

Koenigsegg presented three amazing megacars at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. Never has there been so much output on a single show-stand from just three cars, with nearly 4,500hp on display.

Full Details: Koenigsegg Automotive cars at Geneva 2017 (link)


We had two Regeras on show, which were notable because they will be the first two Regeras delivered to eager customers later this year. This marks a significant milestone for Koenigsegg, the first time we’ve had two different models in concurrent production and the crowning glory for a year full of growth for the company.

Regera #1 has a finish reminiscent of classic sports cars from yesteryear, but with a modern twist – greet-tinted carbon fibre and a saddle brown leather interior.


The car features our unique ‘Tresex’ carbon fibre wheels, although we took an opportunity at Geneva to show a special option with 24k white gold applied to the wheels on one side of the car (the wheels will be in standard finish when the car is delivered).


Regera #2 features a combination of Candy Apple Red paint and clear carbon fibre, with a lingon berry and black leather interior and ‘Tresex’ carbon wheels.


The Regeras outnumbered the Agera RS at the Koenigsegg stand for the first time this year. We also put together a Regera powertrain display so that people could better understand the technology that goes into the car. The display was a great success, allowing Koenigsegg staff at the stand to walk journalists and the public through exactly how this unique powertrain works.


The fact that the Regeras outnumbered the Agera RS 2-to-1 did not make the Agera RS any less spectacular. In fact, with its 24-carat gold leaf striping on clear carbon and presented with a matching racing helmet, the Agera RS Gryphon stood proudly at the centre of the stand.


The Koenigsegg press conference is always a lively affair. Unlike other companies, we do not clear our stand before the press conference begins so it becomes a sort of moving feast as the crowds both inside and outside of the fences follow Christian from car to car as he explains what we have on show. While we may need to apologise to some who try to film the press conference (the crowd can be frustrating for cameramen), the liveliness of the press conference is only enhanced by the keenness of the crowd to hear everything that Christian has to say.


The press conference itself is only a small part of why we go to Geneva. Geneva is the world’s greatest car show. It’s an opportunity for European motoring enthusiasts (along with a few dedicated travellers from other parts of the world) to view Koenigsegg cars live, in person, and for many, for the first time. It’s a chance for people to see our attention to detail for themselves, and really appreciate the amount of love and dedication that goes into making these cars.

Geneva is also an opportunity for us, as a company, to interact directly with our customers, our fans and the automotive press. There are a lot of meetings held during Geneva – press interviews are conducted for print and TV with key members of our staff. Press appointments are made for future visits to our factory in ร„ngelholm. Customers and other VIPs get to visit both the Koenigsegg stand and the motor show in general.

One such VIP in 2017 was HM the King of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustav, seen second from left in the photo below.


We receive one very special group of visitors every year at the Koenigsegg stand – our employees. Every year, a group of employees chooses to come down and see the show and it’s a special moment when they arrive on the stand.


Our people spend all year working with Geneva in the back of their minds. It’s great for them to come to the show and see the cars looking their very best on display at the stand. Geneva is also a chance for them to get a glimpse into the way people react to the cars – to feel the genuine air of excitement around the Koenigsegg stand. That atmosphere only happens because our employees do such a wonderful job, so it’s great for them to get a taste of the excitement their work generates.

Last, but by no means least, Geneva is also an event where cars get sold and deals get done.

Negotiations with customers for Koenigsegg cars ran apace at Geneva and our allocation of 80 Regeras is very close to being fully subscribed. And in separate news, Spyker and Koenigsegg announced an engine supply deal on the first press day at the show. Koenigsegg will design and build engines for the new Spyker Preliator coupe and Spyder, due in 2018.




Please enjoy the images from the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, below. All photos on this page can be enlarged with a single click.



























  1. Comment by Han Klems

    Han Klems March 15, 2017 at 18:16

    Hello Steve,

    what an awesome display of Supercars, still unique in today’s car world!

    And I hope the engine deal with the ceo of Spijker, Victor Muller will be a succesfull one ๐Ÿ™‚

    He hasn’t been succesfull in the last decade to built cars or take over a car company !

  2. Comment by Nimalan S. Rajagopalan

    Nimalan S. Rajagopalan March 16, 2017 at 08:23

    Hey Mr. Wade!

    So, another succesful year for you guys at Koenigsegg at the Geneva Motor Show as always! You guys never fail to impress me and the world with such levels of innovation and your extreme cars! I’ll bet having two production-spec Regeras on display for the first time alongside another gold-leaf-finished Agera RS felt special to you, Mr. Koenigsegg!

    The cars look just fabulous next to each other and I really must complement all three of the owners for their excellent color choices. And while I was taking a look at the white gold finished Tresex wheels, I noticed that the tires on the Regera are a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4Ses. Then I took a look at the set on the Agera RS Gryphon and saw a set of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2s! If both tires have a speed rating ‘ZR’, then what makes them different from each other?

    And seeing just the powetrain of the Regera on a separate stand also put a smile on my face! But then again, on closer inspection, it wasn’t the FreeValve version. Sorry if I am badgering you on this Mr. Wade, but why haven’t we seen the FreeValve version of the 5.0L Twin-Turbo V8 yet?

    Another thing that made me smile even wider was the helmet designed for the Agera RS Gryphon owner, finished in clear carbon and tasteful inserts of gold-leaf. I even spotted the Gryphon motif on the sides! Nice! I also noticed the number ‘131’ surrounded on the back in gold leaf. Is there any reason for choosing that number Mr. Wade?

    I bet the employees who had time to spare also had the time of their life alongside the very cars that they worked on, their pride and joy sitting on the display for the world to see! And I bet that the picture they took will take a place of honour in their photo albums…..or on their wall! ๐Ÿ˜€

    And of course, last but not least, the deal that you made with Spyker for engine supplying. I can only say that Mr. Muller is a ver lucky man to have struck a deal with the most prestigious engine-makers of the Automotive world. And hopefully, the cars from Spyker will be able to handle an excess of 1000 HP! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Still waiting for more news on the Agera’s successor,
    Nimalan S. R.

    • Comment by Steven Wade

      Steven Wade March 17, 2017 at 10:17

      The 131 on the helmet refers to the car’s chassis #.

      Any FreeValve applications in a Koenigsegg engine will be revealed when we’re ready to talk about it. Ditto for any news of an Agera successor – we won’t go public with that until we’re ready to talk about it properly.

      • Comment by Nimalan S. R.

        Nimalan S. R. March 18, 2017 at 09:38

        Ohhh…..the chasis number, of course!
        Thanks for letting me know Mr. Wade!

        And I completely understand if you guys aren’t ready with those news, yet. I was just rather eager to hear about it! But thanks anyway!

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