Monterey Car Week 2017 saw the biggest ever gathering of Koenigseggs in North America. It was almost like holding the Koenigsegg Owners Tour all over again.

Before we take you through everything we got up to in Monterey, we thought you’d like a closer look at all the cars in attendance.

Koenigseggs haven’t always been sold in the United States. The first car to be homologated there was the CCX so you won’t see any CC8Ss or CCRs in this collection. Nevertheless, it’s a great overview of Koenigsegg history in the United States, including the first car delivered there and the next two that will be delivered there.

Photos by Julia La Palme, Lisa Johansson and Steven Wade


This is a CCXR that’s been re-named by its owner. The RS portion of the name means it now includes the owner’s initials.

This car has the honour of being the first Koenigsegg imported into the United States.


CCX Ghost

This is the first of two cars featuring the new ‘Ghost’ package we announced as being available for owners of older Koenigsegg cars. The Ghost package includes the rear diffusers from the Agera range, Agera mirrors, Aircore five-spoke carbon fibre wheels, a new deeper front spoiler, and a twin-deck rear spoiler. Customers can choose the whole package, or just the parts they want.


CCX Ghost

This is the second of two CCXs fitted with the Ghost package. It features all items except for the Aircore carbon fibre wheels.

This car was only used for the first day of Monterey Car Week – the tour from Los Angeles to Monterey – as the owner also had another Koenigsegg on tour (and it’s a tad difficult to drive both cars at once).


CCX Edition

There were only two examples of the CCX Edition made. This is one of them. The CCX Edition was the first car to use Koenigsegg’s 4.8 litre twin-supercharged engine, the basis for what would later be used with E85 fuel in the CCXR Edition. It produced 888hp and 940Nm of torque.


CCXR Trevita

On a personal note, seeing this car was one of my personal highlights. I was blown away by the Trevita the first time I saw the press photos, long before I started working for Koenigsegg.

That this car had so much added notoriety with its recent celebrity owner (boxer and amateur financial counsellor, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather) and its impending auction during Monterey Car Week only made its appearance all-the-more prominent.

The car sold at auction the day after these photos were taken, for approximately $2.8million, including buyer’s premium.


Agera R

This Agera R has been in the United States for several years. It has recently had a new interior fitted, having originally been fitted with a unique scheme including white ostrich leather.

The car is finished in blue-tinted clear carbon. The current owner added the gold striping seen in these images.


Agera RSR

The Agera RSR is one of three special edition cars made for the Japanese market and delivered in 2016. The owner brought his car to the USA especially for Monterey Car Week.


Agera RS1

The Agera RS1 made its public debut at the Koenigsegg Owners’ Event in Sweden in June 2017. It’s since visited and been photographed extensively in London. Its appearance in Monterey was its US debut, and its initial homecoming.


Agera RS ‘Draken’

This Agera RS has been named ‘Draken’ by its owner, a salute to the Swedish military aircraft of the same name that used to be housed at the base where Koenigsegg now has its factory.

The Draken is finished in clear carbon with white stripes. The middle section of the car has diamond dust in the clearcoat, adding a layer of sparkle to an already amazing vehicle.


Agera RS

This Agera RS is finished in battleship grey, with highlights in orange and clear-carbon. The interior is finished in black alcantara with orange piping and stitching.

The scheme sounds understated but the car is anything but understated, gathering admiring looks at every event we attended.



The Regera on show is the same car we debuted at Geneva in March 2017. This time, however, it was fitted with the Regera’s optional Aero package for the first time.

The Aero package includes new front and rear winglets and a deeper front spoiler. It increases the downforce available on the Regera from 310kg to 385kg, a near 25% increase that comes with a less-than 5% increase in drag.


It was fantastic to see such a large group of Koenigseggs together once again, especially in the beautiful Californian late-summer.

As always, we appreciate the support of our owner family, whose participation made this whole gathering possible.

They also made it great.