We do a few events every year where we show our Koenigsegg cars to the public and to prospective owners. Events like the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Monterey Car Week, for example. One of the questions that inevitably comes up is Where would I have to take the car if it needs service? It’s a fair question, too. We’re not Toyota or Chevrolet, after all. It’s unlikely there’ll be a Koenigsegg Dealer in your local auto-mall.

The answer?

Many owners choose to ship the car back to our factory for service and/or upgrades. This is relatively convenient for European owners but it can be a bit more of a stretch for Asian or American owners. Thankfully, there are technicians in those countries that are factory trained to work on Koenigsegg cars.

The alternative is for an owner to have one of our factory technicians come and work on their car in a workshop at their home or in their local area.

The same goes for dealers who want to train their technicians. They can either send their staff to Ängelholm to undertake certified training at the Koenigsegg factory, or we can send one of our technical trainers to train them on new developments with our cars.


Koenigsegg recently sent two technicians to our distributor in China. Philip and Joel worked with technicians at our Chinese distributor, developing their skills even further as they serviced three Koenigsegg Ageras in FFF’s Beijing workshop. The work performed while Philip and Joel were on hand included:

  • Regular annual maintenance requirements
  • Upgrades to new infotainment systems and rear cameras
  • Software upgrades for new engine and gearbox maps
  • New tyres fitted to carbonfiber rims

Torque WrenchMore photos..

That last one may not sound like much of a job. Tires are fitted to cars every day, right? Fitting a tire to a carbonfiber Koenigsegg rim is both a brutal and delicate affair, however. The brutal part is undoing the center-lock wheel nut, which would have been torqued up to 850Nm when the wheel was last fitted. The wrench needed to undo this center nut is approximately 140cm (54in) long and weighs in at around 15kg. The delicate part is fitting a tire with a very narrow sidewall without damaging the surface of the wheel. Our carbonfiber wheels are relatively new. Many are only getting their first set of new tires now and changing them takes an experienced hand, which is why Philip and Joel were there to instruct our Chinese partners in the right way to tackle the job.

Koenigsegg is expanding its network of dealerships and service facilities around the world. That means the demand for properly trained service personnel is only going to rise. Koenigsegg have a training academy program that all technicians go through in order to become factory certified, providing peace of mind for our customers, no matter where they are in the world.

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