Multiple Koenigsegg owner and social media enthusiast @dan_am_I has been sharing his ‘Cherry Bomb’ Regera with some of the internet’s prominent automotive channels recently.

As those videos have all dropped in the last few days, we thought it might be fun to share them with you right here on the Koenigsegg website.

What you’ll see below is just over one hour of Regera video that includes comprehensive walk-around tours as well as some great driving footage.

Grab your favourite snack and beverage combination, put your feet up and get ready to take in some Regera goodness.


Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno’s typical internet offerings usually run around 20 minutes or so.

In this episode, Christian von Koenigsegg joins Jay for a 42-minute extravaganza that looks briefly at the record-setting Agera RS before going deep on the Regera.

Jay is always curious about how things work and because Christian is always so happy to talk about that very subject, this video gives you quite a detailed look into the car.

NOTE: American viewers can look forward to more from CvK and more of the Agera RS on Jay’s network TV Show, on CNBC. The episode will air on September 13th.



Shmee first drove our prototype Regera back in 2016 in a video that turned out to be a huge hit. That drive was during a snowy winter here in Ängelholm.

It’s fair to say his first-time experience with this production version Regera was a little different, being in sun-soaked southern California.

Shmee brings his typical enthusiasm and attention detail to this video, which we know you’ll enjoy. It’s 22 minutes long and includes a quick look at some of the other cars in Dan’s garage.