Z-shaped anti-roll bar

Progressive innovation in handling

The Z-shaped anti-roll bar on the Agera RS, Regera and Jesko only has one pivot point, instead of the two pivot points on a traditional anti-roll bar. Used on the front and rear of these cars, the Z-shaped Anti-roll Bar reduces friction and therefore increases accuracy and response. 

The central section of the anti-roll bar is steel, and the two outer sections are carbon fiber rods. When the wheel wants to travel, the rod pushes against the central steel section, which gives a little bit of flex between the end and the pivot point but is countered both by the nature of the material and forces pushing from the other side.

It’s still a torsion-based system like a traditional U-shaped bar but the materials, the lack of drop-links and the angles used in the geometry of our anti-roll bar make it a much more progressive system. Our anti-roll unit is super-light compared to a traditional bar. This means we get a more accurate, faster anti-roll bar at only around one-fifth of the weight of a traditional U-shaped bar.


Z shaped anti roll bar highlighted in suspensions of a Koenigsegg

Greater Response

Christian von Koenigsegg explains the in-house developed Z-shaped Anti-roll Bar as part of the Triplex Suspension System and what it does for the handling of an extreme hypercar.